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« Modernization »

With the speed of change of technology, and the disparity in defense budgets, this is an increasingly difficult challenge to overcome, but one that is absolutely essential if we are to retain worldwide battlefield dominance. […]

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Technology and Future Warfare

Since our future military requirements are likely to be based on short-duration, regional conflicts using fully interoperable coalition forces operating modern-technology equipment and weapons systems that are fully interoperable, we must transform our defense industrial base to support us in this effort. […]

Pages d'Histoire

Le bataillon Foch et la Résistance franco-slovaque

L’histoire du Bataillon Foch est peu connue en France. Elle mérite bien d’être contée car elle « constitue un vivant témoignage du patriotisme français ».[1] Ses plus belles pages ont été écrites avec le sang des Combattants volontaires français en Slovaquie, le fameux bataillon Foch. Des militaires […]

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Change Through Ex-Change Conference

Our past successes in acquisition reform and infrastructure reductions teach us an important lesson. They must continue and be not only accelerated, but institutionalized. Remarks by The Hon. Jacques S. Gansler, Under Secretary of Defense [Acquisition […]