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Chased into Europe’s Embrace

None of the Kremlin’s claims are grounded in reality or substantiated by facts, but the human suffering it inflicts and the violence it enables against civilians is all too real. The lies, manipulation and disinformation […]

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Eyes on the Suwalki Corridor

Whereas the transit of passengers and non-sanctioned goods to and from the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania continues uniterrupted, imports into and transit of Russian steel and other ferrous metal products has been restricted. EUvsDiSiNFO — […]

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Another Shade of Hate

Disinformation, accompanied by hate speech, continues to pour out of Russian state-controlled outlets. This week we saw another variety: in an apparent effort to denigrate the Ukrainian armed forces, the Kremlin’s chief propagandist, Dmitry Kiselyov, resorted […]

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The Rhetoric of the Aggressor

« The aggressor presented as a victim » – The historian Françoise Thom examines the speeches of Hitler, Molotov and Putin in order to show how similar their themes and reasoning. A dive into the totalitarian universe. […]