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A Black Sea Nessie?

Photographs of a mysterious sea-going craft that ran ashore, allegedly in the vicinity of Sevastopol, have recently emerged on the Internet. With an estimated length of about three metres, the low-slung device is very reminiscent […]

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Putin Scaremongering – A Quick Guide

Putin’s partial mobilisation and support to sham referendums in the occupied territories follow the Kremlin playbook: fake public support, push for escalation, and blackmail. All this against the backdrop of increased repression with tougher laws […]

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Without You

Successful Ukrainian counter-offensive exposes cracks in Russian infosphere, but colonial attitudes and toxic hate speech still prevail inspiring more atrocities. Launched in the Kharkiv region it has dominated the news recently. Source: EU vs DiSiNFO […]

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This is Fine

While Kremlin ‘masterminds’ want to rewrite history and prepare for a glorious future, the past seems to be catching up with them. Monuments, as with everything else connected to history, have long been a treasured […]