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Explosive Words on Dirty Bombs

Over the past week, Kremlin top officials and pro-Kremlin outlets resurfaced a washed-out and distinctly appalling disinformation claim. Namely, Kyiv will supposedly detonate a dirty bomb or a radiological weapon and then blame the disaster […]

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The Joy of Bombing

After weeks of having to gloss over set-backs on the frontlines in Ukraine, Russian state outlets have found a perverse joy in showcasing indiscriminate drone and missile strikes against Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. When Russia attacks, […]

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Françoise Thom

La matrice autocratique en Russie

Depuis quelques semaines, le régime poutinien semble tituber vers sa fin. Le monde étonné se demande comment le peuple russe a toléré si longtemps un chef qui manifestement le mène à sa perte, qui détruit […]

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Firing Missiles While Talking Peace

When an explosion rocked the Crimean Bridge, which connects the illegally annexed Crimean Peninsula to Russia. Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets openly call for revenge and retaliation in the aftermath of the Bridge explosion. Source — EUvsDiSiNFO — […]