« China, Russia, North Korea, Iran & Hamas Epo © Cartoon
Françoise Thom

Why Putin Chooses Chaos

Françoise Thom’s latest analysis on DeskRussie was well received, as was « The second front: how Russia wants to undermine Western support for Ukraine ». Who benefits from the crime? Who benefits from the destabilisation of today’s world, if not Vladimir Putin and his supporters: China, Iran, North Korea, not forgetting Hamas, who want to establish a new world order? The Valdaï speech illustrates this desire to « destroy the international order to replace it with chaos » in order to « indulge in unrestrained depredations », as Françoise Thom puts it. Russia’s support for Hamas displayed by Putin and his propagandists is the latest illustration… As President Biden reminded us, in Ukraine as in Gaza, Putin is in charge. Putin’s speech at Valdaï deserves to be better known ! It has an air of déjà vu about it… […]

Dessin de Patrick Chappatte ©
Françoise Thom

The Second Front

If there is one lesson that the Kremlin’s leaders have learned from what happened after February 24, 2022, it is that without the West and without Ukraine, Russia sinks into insignificance. Once again, we find ourselves faced with American ignorance of Russian diplomatic procedures. Of course, there is the familiar refrain: don’t humiliate Russia. Can you imagine that in April 1945, the Allies’ main concern was to “allow Hitler to save face”, “not to humiliate Germany” ? According to historian Françoise Thom, Russia has not renounced its original plan to install a pro-Russian government in Kyiv. As our eyes are riveted on the battlefield in Ukraine, we tend to forget that Russia continues to wage a parallel war against the West, this one largely invisible, just as in 1941-1945 Stalin was not fighting the Wehrmacht only… […]