CNO Gilday Speaks at First Sea Lord’s Sea Power Conference 2023

Since the modern invention of the concept of the Indo-Pacific in the late 2000s, the Indo-Pacific and Euro-Atlantic have been largely considered as discrete regions. Some in the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific consider their home region to be the most important, while the United States has a vibrant discussion about the relative importance of both. The First Sea Lord’s Sea Power Conference 2023 focused on the following question: How connected are the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific theaters? […]

Chines Navy_22

Highlighting Dangers Facing Our Country

My job as a commander of one of the eighteen Intelligence agencies is to highlight dangers facing our country. It’s my responsibility to look at geopolitical trends, global challenges, and military developments; specifically, those impacting the maritime domain–under the sea, on the sea, and over the sea. There’s plenty to worry about in the maritime environment. […]

Belgorod - Marine russe

Le contrôle du fond des mers détermine la supériorité stratégique mondiale »

L’avènement de « systèmes d’armes de rupture » démontre, comme le dit l’amiral Christian Girard, que « le contrôle des espaces sous-marins et du fond des mers détermine la supériorité stratégique mondiale ». La Russie se dote donc avec ces nouveaux moyens de la capacité de jouer une nouvelle fois le rôle du perturbateur dans le grand affrontement avec l’Occident. Cela traduit son hostilité à l’égard, mais d’abord sa peur, de l’Occident. […]

The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) arrives in Tallinn

USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) Visits Tallinn, Estonia

Roosevelt’s visit to Tallinn reaffirms the U.S. Navy’s commitment to NATO Allies and partners by ensuring maritime security in the region. The ship’s visit to Tallinn follows multiple U.S. stops to the port city in 2022, demonstrating the cohesion and combined capability of like-minded nations in the Baltic Sea. […]

CSG Cavour

Projecting Power in the Med

NATO Strike Groups Demonstrate Combined Capabilities in the Ionian Sea: Three NATO Carrier Strike Groups (CSG) demonstrated their commitment to the security and stability of the Euro-Atlantic Area during multicarrier operations while sailing in the […]