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Technology and Future Warfare

Since our future military requirements are likely to be based on short-duration, regional conflicts using fully interoperable coalition forces operating modern-technology equipment and weapons systems that are fully interoperable, we must transform our defense industrial base to support us in this effort. […]

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Change Through Ex-Change Conference

Our past successes in acquisition reform and infrastructure reductions teach us an important lesson. They must continue and be not only accelerated, but institutionalized. Remarks by The Hon. Jacques S. Gansler, Under Secretary of Defense [Acquisition […]

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« The End of the Beginning »

Our Department-wide discussion today will be along three distinct but related communication paths. The first communication path is top-down. The second path is horizontal. And the third path is bottom-up… Think each of you can make a difference. […]

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Dual Use Technology

The bottom line is that we have no choice but to move from separate industrial sectors for defense and commercial markets to an integrated national industrial base. Leveraging commercial technological advances to create military advantage […]