Quentin Dickinson

« L’Ukraine doit vaincre et la Russie de Poutine doit être vaincue »

Lucidité ou ambiguïté ? Quentin Dickinson a choisi son camp quand il dit : « Les Ukrainiens combattent et souffrent pour la survie de leur pays, mais ils sont aussi aux avant-postes de la défense de toutes les valeurs qui sont celles des Européens, sans lesquelles il ne saurait y avoir ni liberté, ni prospérité. » Depuis le 24 février 2022, au-delà du maintien de notre mode de vie et de notre État-providence « dont nous ne mesurons pas la rareté ni la vulnérabilité », c’est bien l’état de droit qui est en cause… […]

Russian so-called "Peace Proposals"

Russian So-Called ‘Peace Proposals’ Are Empty PR Stunts

The Russian leadership has combined its full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine with a flow of messages which at face value sound like peace proposals. But when closely analysed, they are nothing short of demands for Ukraine to surrender and give up more of its territory. The flow of so-called ‘peace proposals’ from the Kremlin are mere demands for Ukraine to surrender and the Christmas ‘truce’ was designed to boost Russia’s international image. […]

EUvsDiSiNFO - New Year - Old Tricks

New Year, Old Tricks

Just before the holidays hit, another satirical video depicting freezing EU citizens during Christmas was posted on the RT Telegram channel, raking in over 600,000 views. One more satirical take on the energy crisis, portraying […]

eu disinfo predictions 2

The Crystal Ball of Wishful Thinking

For pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets, 2022 was yet another opportunity to twist the truth and lay the foundations for further information manipulation in 2023. With EUvsDiSiNFO let’s have a look at the Kremlin’s crystal ball, attuned […]

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Finland and Sweden Keep Marching On

Russia’s unprovoked and illegal military invasion of Ukraine and the genocidal way of Russian warfighting were the final straw that set off an intensive public debate on national security in traditionally militarily non-aligned Finland and […]


Satan’s Little Helpers

This holiday season, Kremlin propagandists see Satan every-where they look, except within their own ranks and in the actions of their armed forces. Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets and their amplifiers continued to target EUMAM Ukraine and HRVP […]

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I Know You Are, But What Am I?

On 23 November, the European Parliament declared Russia to be a state sponsor of terrorism in response to Russia’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine. Sure enough, the resolution did not go unnoticed by pro-Kremlin disinformation actors… […]