food shortage

Disinformation Fuelling Food Insecurity

To subjugate Ukraine, famous breadbasket of Europe, Russia has been targeting food storages, stealing harvest and farm equipment, destroying food and blocking the Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea to prevent the export of Ukrainian grain. (EUvsDiSiNFO) […]

Opinion polls in Russia

Should You Trust Opinion Polls in Russia?

Polling results in Russia become manipulated because either the methodology seldom takes account of respondents simply giving dishonest answers out of fear or – more bluntly – the data results are falsified. Recent polls about the […]

caesar firing in afghanistan

What Is That Caesar, In Fact?

From the outset the Caesar was developed for post-Cold War situations where flexibility and agility are of paramount importance, particularly in conflicts devoid of nice and clear straight dividing red lines. By Eric H. Biass […]

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L’autre offensive russe

Le Kremlin, sentant que le temps travaille contre lui, a lancé une nouvelle « opération spéciale », au sein des pays occidentaux, mobilisant en bloc à la fois ses relais médiatiques et son réseau d’agents d’influence au […]

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L’ivresse de la transgression

Le peuple russe a été conditionné au crime et à la délinquance pendant plusieurs décennies. Cette pédagogie émanait directement du KGB. À l’époque de Brejnev, les jeunes garçons ambitieux hésitaient souvent entre deux carrières : les […]

Eric Herbert Biass

The Missing Stuff

So nearly three weeks after the beginning of the attack on Ukraine it seems that a number of generals have been suspended by Putin. The exact figure is unknown because it tends to grow by […]

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Raspoutitsa, When You Hold Us!

Over the least eight days at least, experts of all kinds had been speculating on the reasons why a frisky 60km-long Russian armoured column of an « elite mechanised division » had frozen to a standstill in […]