Eric Herbert Biass

The Missing Stuff

So nearly three weeks after the beginning of the attack on Ukraine it seems that a number of generals have been suspended by Putin. The exact figure is unknown because it tends to grow by […]

colonne 1 1

Raspoutitsa, When You Hold Us!

Over the least eight days at least, experts of all kinds had been speculating on the reasons why a frisky 60km-long Russian armoured column of an « elite mechanised division » had frozen to a standstill in […]

dmitri rogozine

A Dr Strangelove in the Kremlin?

In his big election speech on March 1, 2018, to thunderous applause, Putin catalogs the new doomsday weapons Russia is working on. The Russian president makes it clear he is not bluffing. The West “has failed […]


Un docteur Folamour au Kremlin ?

Dans son grand discours électoral le 1er mars 2018, sous un tonnerre d’applaudissements, Poutine dresse le catalogue des nouvelles armes apocalyptiques que la Russie est en train d’acquérir. Le président russe précise qu’il ne bluffe pas. […]