What He Said and What it Really Means Vol.3: “Russia Wanted Peace…”

In his state of the nation address, Russian President Vladimir Putin falsely accused once again the West of starting the war in Ukraine. Putin laced his televised speech with disinformation speaking to an audience of military and political elites in Moscow.  He vowed Russia would not be defeated on the battlefield, and that the offensive would continue. He also said that the majority of people in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region want to be Russian and, last but not least, announced that Russia would suspend its last major nuclear disarmament treaty with the US.

Source — EUvsDiSiNFO — February 21, 2023 —

President Vladimir Putin falsely accused once again the West of starting the war in Ukraine — TV Screenshot

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In his address in Moscow on 21 Feb. 2023, Putin displayed another version of Orwellian Newspeak. Nearly two hours of cynical manipulation and lies about Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Here is what it really means (Update 3)

Putin’s manipulative and deceptive Newspeak:What he really means:
“We did everything, everything to solve the conflict peacefully”We pretended to negotiate to buy time for our [Russia’s] war against Ukraine
“US & NATO prepared the Kyiv regime for a big war”We underestimated global support for Ukraine
“The West made Ukraine Anti-Russian since 19th century”My historical revisionism goes back further than World War II
“We are not at war with the people of Ukraine”I am trying to drive a wedge between people and government in Ukraine
“We remember Kyiv’s attempts to get nuclear weapons. It was talked about publicly”We lied about it and drummed it up ourselves!
“Truth is with us”I am lying through my teeth. Again. Please believe me

Volume 2: 1 March 2022 Update


After the Russian unprovoked invasion, Ukrainian forces have put up determined resistance surprising the Russian forces. Putin now offers “Negotiation” in Belarus…

As usual, it’s Kremlin deception and smokescreen. Extortion and blackmail with maximalist demands: recognition of Crimea as Russian, “de-nazification” and “demilitarisation” of Ukraine.

The Russian envoy in Gomel, low-ranking adviser Medinsky is regretting that Ukrainian people are dying… while Russian missile strikes hit civilian areas in Kharkiv and attacks are ongoing around Kiev and elsewhere.

The main messages in Putin’s speech broadcast on 24 February 2022, with which he began an open invasion into Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin during his state of the nation address — TV Screenshot

Putin’s address, like many before was seeped in disinformation narratives, all in the effort to mobilise support for armed aggression against a democratic and peaceful country.

This is a brief look at what he said and what it really means (updated)

Putin’s manipulative and deceptive new-speak:What he really means:
“Self-defence of Russia”Attack and invasion of a sovereign state which does not pose any threat
“Limited military operation”All-out attack. Missile strikes, air and land invasionCivilian targets, cities and infrastructure included
“No occupation”Intend to occupy as much as possible, as long as necessary. Place Ukraine under Moscow’s control. Indefinite in time
“De-nazification of Ukraine”Stalinist-type repression of elected, legitimate officials of a sovereign country
“Holding election for a new government”Gun-point fake-democracy to place Kremlin-loyal puppets in power
Volume 2:
“Negotiations”Maximalist demands while bombings of civilians continue. Trying to buy time to regroup, refuel and reload the war machine which experienced resistance in advancing

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