food shortage

Disinformation Fuelling Food Insecurity

To subjugate Ukraine, famous breadbasket of Europe, Russia has been targeting food storages, stealing harvest and farm equipment, destroying food and blocking the Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea to prevent the export of Ukrainian grain. (EUvsDiSiNFO) […]

Opinion polls in Russia

Should You Trust Opinion Polls in Russia?

Polling results in Russia become manipulated because either the methodology seldom takes account of respondents simply giving dishonest answers out of fear or – more bluntly – the data results are falsified. Recent polls about the […]

caesar firing in afghanistan

What Is That Caesar, In Fact?

From the outset the Caesar was developed for post-Cold War situations where flexibility and agility are of paramount importance, particularly in conflicts devoid of nice and clear straight dividing red lines. By Eric H. Biass […]

oleksiy arestovych 4sl

The Other Russian Offensive

As time is working against Moscow, Russia launched a new “special operation”, this time inside Western countries. The Kremlin mobilized its friendly media and networks of agents of influence among the decision-makers writes Françoise Thom. […]

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L’autre offensive russe

Le Kremlin, sentant que le temps travaille contre lui, a lancé une nouvelle « opération spéciale », au sein des pays occidentaux, mobilisant en bloc à la fois ses relais médiatiques et son réseau d’agents d’influence au […]

patriarch kirill vladimir putin

The Special Orthodoxy of Pope Francis

Historian Françoise Thom examines the relationship between the Russian Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis and the latter’s recent statements about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the author, these statements, welcomed by the Kremlin, […]